Brigton Podiatry Foot Laser Clinic

What to expect from your Lunula Laser Treatment

What to expect from your Lunula Laser Treatment, in the initial consultation we will assess your nails and discuss a treatment plan with you. We will discuss the sort of results you can expect if you are happy and wish to commence treatment provided we have time we will grind as much as the fungus from your nails as we can. Following this we will commence your Lunula Laser Treatment. The number of Lunula Laser Treatments will depend on the severity of the fungus typically we will do 4 treatments spaced at weekly intervals. Some patients may require 6 or even 8 for a really bad case. Following the last Lunula Laser Treatment we will schedule a follow up appointment at 4 months, at this time we will assess the effect of the treatment and decide if any follow up treatments are required. With some patients it is still difficult to properly assess the effect of treatment and in these cases we will schedule a second follow up.